No More Social Kissing

25. 11. 15:00 – 17:30

 No More Social Kissing
No More Social Kissing

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An international conference on the future of performing arts.

Is it important to greet one another with social kisses? Is it possible to create a theatre without physical contact? How are our cultural patterns changing? What will artistic mobility look like in the coming years?

Archa will connect with artists and producers in Edinburgh, Vienna, Ghent, Budapest, Brussels, Sheffield, Aarhus, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Prague and Beijing.

The panelists of the conference:
Tim Etchells – director, Forced Entertainment, Sheffield
Pieter De Buysser – author, playwright and performer, Brussels
Wen Hui – dancer, choreographer and documentary filmmaker, Beijing
Kira Kirsch – artistic director of the Brut Theatre, Vienna
Kristof Blom – artistic director, CAMPO, Ghent
Gyuri Szabó – director, Trafó, Budapest
Henk Keizer – coordinator of artistic activities in agricultural areas, Arhus
Jan Mocek – theatre director, Prague
Lola Arias – artist and director, Buenos Aires
James Ijamesartistic co-director of the Wilma Theater, Philadelphia
Ondrej Hrab – director of the Archa Theatre, Prague
Hester Chillingworth - non-binary performance maker, director, London
The conference is moderated from Edinburgh by Robert Palmer, international cultural expert and member of the Board of Archa Theatre.

Opening and closing remarks Jana Svobodova, theatre director, artistic director of the Akcent Festival.

German director and composer Heiner Goebbels will send his greetings.


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Flanders / State of the Art


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