24. 11. 20:00


Continuo Theatre

What is the meaning of the individual's civic stance in the current social and political situation in Central Europe? / Watch online premiere. / With Czech and English subtitles (choose subtitles in the video).

The Continuo Theatre and its online documentary, which combines fragments from the production of Noon with interviews with participants in the demonstrations against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, ask this question in the context of news and reflections on recent events. The context is complemented by period materials and radio and film recordings. 

Director: Pavel Štourač
Theme and concept: Continuo Theatre
Scenography: Helena Štouračová, Pavel Štourač
Music: Elia Moretti and coll.
Video: Amador Artiga
Light design: Jan Hugo Hejzlar
Performers: Kateřina Šobáñová, Sara Bocchini, Natália Vañová, Felix Baumann, Pavel Štourač, Sean Henderson

Supported by

Hlavní město Praha