Useless Things

21. 11. 20:00

Useless Things

Spielraum Kollektiv / Akcent Festival and Theatre Night.

Useless present or future? Useless progress. Useless, me, you. What from 2020 will be necessary in 10 years? Or in 500 years? What will be left of us for future generations? Waste or treasure? What about Christmas? Have you done your shopping yet?

We are setting up a tele-bridge between an empty theatre and overcrowded households. We will move to the Archa of the future and look at the past of 2020. Until dreams come true, in the middle of an adventurous apocalypse. We have everything and we can have more – a pocket full of useless things, a handbag, a bag, a living room, a whole house! To have or not to have?

Concept: Linda Straub, Mathias Straub, Philipp Schenker, Teresa Weiser, Heda Bayer
Director: Linda Straub
Scenography: Mathias Straub
Costumes: Barbora Burdová
Light design: Michal Horáček
Performers: Linda Straub, Philipp Schenker, Heda Bayer
Music: Myko
Video: Verena Russel / Martin Krupa
Production: Teresa Weiser

Spielraum Collective is a free theatre group of creators centred around Linda Straub and Mathias Straub, focusing mainly on site-specific and documentary theatre. Significant features of previous projects include innovative ways of involving the viewer in the performance and an emphasis on working with space. In 2020, their work thematically focuses on ecology and the climate crisis.

Project cooperation: Taupunkt e.V. / Off-Bühne Chemnitz

Supported by Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds and Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.

Hlavní město Praha

Ministerstvo kultury ČR

Česko-německý fond budoucnosti